The truth about vaccinations: Your physician knows more than the University of Google

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“A cousin of my mom’s survived Polio and lived the rest of his life with its effects. He was not expected to live past his teens but made it to his 40s. I am grateful that modern science can protect us from Polio and other diseases and I choose to take advantage of modern science to give my kid better odds of not dying from a preventable disease. I had heard a lot of noise from people claiming vaccines caused Autism, but never saw any clear evidence. It just seemed to me like people really wanted to point to something as the cause and they latched onto vaccines.”–Jennifer

I have been getting into a lot of discussions about whether vaccines are safe in the last few days. I’m not sure if it’s because of a post going viral about a (terrible) Italian court ruling last year (In contrast, American courts side with doctors and scientists on vaccine safety) or Jenny McCarthy’s recent hiring as co-host on “The View”, or simply (as a friend suggested to me today) the fact that a new school year is starting soon and parents are having to provide vaccination records to schools.

“(I got my children vaccinated) because the science supports it and I don’t want my kids to die. And civic reasons. It’s so straightforward.”–Britta

Whatever the reason, this week I’ve been in many conversations with individuals staunchly against vaccinations, parents who are very upset at the idea of unvaccinated children putting their own kids at risk, and parents who are confused and worried and want to know how to make the best decision possible for their children’s safety. I’m writing this for the third group of parents.

What’s going on?
There has been a very steep decrease in the rate of vaccinations recently, particularly (but I want to stress not only) within communities of affluent, well-educated parents. [UPDATE: Keep in mind that there's considerable diversity among anti-vaccine proponents. A conservative religious community here in Texas, opposed to vaccines because "faith should be enough", is currently experiencing an outbreak of measles].

“It’s that whole natural, BPA-free, hybrid car community that says ‘we’re not going to put chemicals in our children,’” Shapiro told Salon. “It’s that same idea: ‘I’m going to be pure and I want to keep my child pure.’”

California law mandates that all students get vaccinated, but it also makes it easy to get exemptions for personal beliefs. And parents in tony places like Marin County are taking advantage of it in seemingly growing numbers. One public elementary school in Malibu, an affluent beach town just north of Los Angeles, reported that only 58 percent of their students are immunized — well below the recommended 90-plus percent level — according to Shapiro.

And it’s even worse in some of L.A.’s private schools, where as few as 20 percent of kids are vaccinated in some schools. “Yes, that’s right: Parents are willingly paying up to $25,000 a year to schools at which fewer than 1 in 5 kindergartners has been immunized against the pathogens causing such life-threatening illnesses as measles, polio, meningitis and pertussis (more commonly known as whooping cough),” she wrote. –from (Emphasis mine)

This is particularly frustrating when there is overwhelming evidence that vaccinations DO NOT cause autism. As the wonderful blog Science Based Medicine puts it:

“At this point, the evidence is so utterly overwhelming that there is not a whiff of a hint of a whisper of a correlation between vaccines and autism that it has become irritating that antivaccine activists keep pressuring scientists to do the same study over and over again, coming up with the same results over and over again, and then seeing antivaccinationists fail to believe those same results over and over again. Apparently, antivaccine activists think that if the same sorts of studies are done enough times, there will be a positive result implicating vaccines as a risk factor for or contributing cause to autism.”

Why are parents choosing not to vaccinate their children?
I think there are several reasons, but they all may have some connection to misunderstanding of what the scientific evidence on this issue is, or resistance to perceived authority. In Western cultures, we’re accustomed to framing every public issue as two-sided. People who refuse to acknowledge that there’s legitimacy to the other side are “unfair.” I think this viewpoint is really muddling the vaccine safety conversation. When the media presents scientists on one side, and Natural News on the other, it’s creating a false equivalency. The anti-vaxxers have no credible scientific evidence supporting their position, but placing them opposite a scientist makes it seem like there are two legitimate sides to this debate. There aren’t. The simple fact is that there’s overwhelming scientific consensus that the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism.

“I unapolagetically vaccinate my kid, and it’s not just because that’s what you do, it’s because I really looked at what the science said and made a decision based on facts, evidence, and rational weighing of risk-benefit. I think the problem is that it’s easier to feel off the hook for risking your kids via inaction rather than action. But realistically, the risks of vaccination are so much less than the risks of what could happen if your child does get a vaccine-preventable disease, and you are also protecting those who *can’t* be vaccinated. That’s why I get a flu shot. Not because I am going to die of the flu, but to protect the elderly, infants, and immunocompromised folks I might come into contact with.” –Melissa (emphasis mine)

Do vaccines work?

Yes. Here are some of the diseases prevented with vaccinations:


from “Demographics of Unvaccinated Chidren”, National Network for Immunization Information.

Do vaccines cause autism?

No. As a starting point for you, here’s a roundup of trustworthy scientific resources for you to read on your own (everything is peer-reviewed, or contains links to peer-reviewed articles):

Immunization Safety Review: Vaccines and Autism

Vaccine Safety studies (a bunch of studies, with notes about what they mean):

Concerns about vaccine safety (this is really great, and written in layman’s language)

How do we know that scientists and doctors are right?

I’ve been asked about this quite a bit lately. One person asked me “why aren’t we getting peered reviewed research from other points of view?” The reason is quite simple: there isn’t any.

Scientific research works like this:
You start with the specific questions “Does the MMR vaccine cause autism?”, “Does the MMR vaccine increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease?” and so forth. You then design a study to test that question. It’s not starting from one “side” or the other, trying to seek proof for it. That’s the way politics works, not science. When you get an answer, it’s either “yes” or “no” (actually it tends to be “there is a statistically significant association between this drug and this disease” or “there is NOT a statistically significant association between this drug and this disease.”) Your results are submitted to experts for peer review. These experts then go over your results and methods with a fine-toothed comb, trying to find weaknesses in your approach, or over-interpretation of the results. They evaluate your statistics to make sure that they’re correct. If they decide that it’s acceptable (and this is usually a very hard test to pass), your paper gets published and is considered “peer-reviewed.” But that’s not the end.

Studies are then done by other research groups to both test and build upon your results. While the initial screen by peer reviewers is very stringent, it doesn’t always catch mistakes, and can miss identifying faked data (for example, Andrew Wakefield’s paper got past peer review because the reviewers didn’t catch that his data were fraudulent). However, all scientific research is iterative–that is, it builds upon a foundation created by other research. So if your results are wrong, or faked, it will quickly become obvious to other researchers who try to replicate or use them. Scientific consensus is VERY hard to achieve. So when it happens, pay attention.

Why do I (and others) keep harping on “peer-reviewed” studies? Why do I (and others) refuse to acknowledge the truth of what X blogger says?

Science operates based on the philosophy that the truth is knowable if we design experiments correctly, and we do enough of them to rigorously test our hypotheses. And I hope that you know by now that anyone with a keyboard can make stuff up. Peer review is how we test that someone isn’t making things up. Experts in your field have to agree with your conclusions.

But what about Andrew Wakefield’s research?

“I got my son vaccinated after doing research about it. I had been going through birthing classes that were against it, but the scientist in me questioned what they were saying. I found the info about the falsified info about autism. I still couldn’t believe (and still can’t) that parents would hold chicken pox parties. I’d had chicken pox as a kid, and I know about shingles. It just made sense to me.”–Charity

Andrew Wakefield faked his data for profit. His medical license has been revoked as a consequence. It’s important that people know that the the link between vaccines/autism is based on an outright lie–most of the other authors on the paper have removed their names from it. You can read more about this story here:

What are the consequences of not vaccinating your children?

“We chose to vaccinate Vera on a regular schedule, and to be honest I did not do extensive research. I read enough to know that the studies showing an autism link were bad science and I found a pediatrician I really trusted and talked to her about it. I also really do believe that those of us with healthy kids should vaccinate to protect children who have compromised immune systems.”–Faye

Harm to your child:

Penn and Teller illustrate this beautifully (if profanely: language NSFW)

To put it simply, your child is at risk of contracting a preventable disease.

Image from

Many of us (myself included) don’t remember polio epidemics. This was the treatment. Image from

What happens in the absence of our vaccination program? Read about it here:

Harm to other children:

“Unvaccinated children are concentrated in particular states, increasing the risk of transmitting vaccine-preventable diseases to other unvaccinated children, undervaccinated children and fully vaccinated children.”

One person with whom I was discussing this issue (he has not vaccinated his kids, but does homeschool them) put forth a hypothesis:

“but if you are correct, i guess in the near future the progressive states will have noticeable outbreaks (and not just the ones you read about), ones that touch somebody you know, as more and more hippy parents stop vaccinating their kids. stay clear of the pacific northwest or perish. ahaha. nah, we are growing super strong natural kids for the future here, and not ones reliant on medicines from a lab. we are sprouting wings and soon we shall fly to furthest regions of the universe and beyond”

I agree with that hypothesis. Unlike the rest of his comment, it’s quite scientific. IF vaccines are protective, and IF parents are choosing not to vaccinate, we should be seeing outbreaks of those diseases in states where the rate of non-vaccination is highest.

This is indeed the case. Here are two examples:

Incidents of whooping cough (pertussis) are significantly higher in states that easily allow parents exceptions from the vaccination. In Washington state alone, there was a 1,300% increase in cases.
Have you ever taken care of a child with pertussis? I have. This is what it’s like (warning: video of children in pain):

And cases of measles infection in the United States have already doubled since last year.

That’s just the beginning. This post is already too long, but I urge you to go to the CDC’s website and read about recent outbreaks. They are tied to regions where vaccine rates are low.

Final thoughts

Googling and listening to what people tell you over on parenting message boards, “Natural News”, and similar sites is not the same thing as advice from a trained physician. I really believe that the vast majority of parents who are leery of vaccinating their kids are simply confused because they’ve been given bad information.

“We live in a society, and our actions have consequences for others. It’s our responsibility to protect our children and our neighbors’ children. Plus our ancestors could only have dreamed of something that would protect their children from these horrible diseases.”–Mary

Vaccination is not just to protect your own child. It’s also a moral and civic issue. Remember that we are incredibly privileged in our society to have access to vaccines. In many places around the world, people don’t have easy access to them, and there are even some places where aid workers are killed for trying to administer vaccines. Our privilege confers responsibility as well. By vaccinating your children, you are also protecting other children (and adults) who can’t be vaccinated. Here is a really great explanation of this, and the concept of herd immunity.

“I chose to have my first child vaccinated because I paid some attention in science classes and it works. I paid better attention in history classes and have a sense of the suffering various preventable diseases have caused in the past and I didn’t want that for my child. After my first born spent a week in the hospital with an infection, I feel much more strongly about having my second child vaccinated. In that case, it wasn’t something that could have been vaccinated against, but there is no reason and no excuse for subjecting your child to the risk of that kind of suffering over a preventable disease. It’s irresponsible and cruel.”–Eric

Wakefield, McCarthy, Kennedy and other leaders of the movement are deceiving you. They bear responsibility for the deaths of children. That’s why I keep speaking out on this issue.

I hope that I’ve provided you with a starting point from which to do your own research. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me here, or on twitter, or by email (link at the top of this page), or–even better–ask your physician!

UPDATE: I wrote a tutorial/example of how to critically read a vaccine safety study here. If you wish to do your own research, I suggest that reading the primary, peer-reviewed literature is a vastly better approach than relying on books/Facebook memes/discussion forums. Hopefully the tools you’ll find in that post (and this one) will be helpful.


Edited to remove Lyme disease from list of vaccine preventable illnesses. There’s a vaccine currently in clinical trials, but it’s not fully tested or available yet. Thanks to “justreadingyourblog” for pointing that out to me.

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1,125 responses to The truth about vaccinations: Your physician knows more than the University of Google


    ou, the Author of this Article, are very biased. Have you ever read any literature, from educated people, about why people choose not to use Vaccines? You have only proven your own ignorance through what you have written. I suggest you have a look at some of the articles on by Mike Adams about Vaccines.

    Did you know pharmaceutical companies, with their obvious profit motive, educate doctors about how great their drugs are, and they often pay them very well to push them on people? Think that might cause any bias?

    Do you really believe you need to rely on a doctor to be healthy? If you do think a doctor is necessary for you to be healthy, then you probably do need one, and you’ll probably need a good psychiatrist down the road to help you once you’ve realized the full consequences of deciding not to take responsibility for your own health.

    Doctors are great for emergency surgery, but natural health education, and simply treating your body with respect will keep you more healthy than a vaccine will. Ever notice that most people getting the diseases there are vaccines for, are the ones who’ve taken the vaccines? It’s a sick mentality to rely on Doctors to keep you healthy.

    Unfortunate to see people give up their responsibility for themselves and their health and become guinea pigs for the medical industry.

    Please get educated BROADLY and then rewrite your opinion about vaccines.


      Well said i agree,, there is so much information on vaccine injured people ..And deaths ..Even cases like in Africa were 69 children contracted a type of polio ,,from the oral polio vaccine ..These pro vaccine people fail to mention the dark history of vaccines ,and proven side effects …From SV40 to Cow pox puss injected in people etc etc etc …Vaccine inserts have side effects on them as well also…Also outbreaks of mumps ,whopping cough, measles are happening in the vaccinated …Always a one sided opinion ,repeating the same pharmaceutical corporate sales propaganda …When all you have to do is read a vaccine insert and see that = Vaccines have side effects ..Even expert immunologist etc are finding out major flaws in vaccinations =


        I have read many vaccine inserts; no one with ANY sense whatsoever would ever say that vaccines are 100% safe and effective. One of the reasons that the US has gone back to a “Salk-type” injected polio vaccine and moved away from a “Sabin-type” oral polio vaccine was the rate of mild cases of polio caused by the “attenuated” virus used in the oral vaccine. The oral vaccine is still used in under-developed countries because it IS effective in preventing severe polio in almost all of the people almost all of the time AND the storage requirements for keeping the vaccine from degrading and becoming ineffective are much less stringent than what are required for the injected vaccine. The effectiveness of vaccines against the diseases they battle is well documented with carefully designed studies, and the decreases in incidence of the diseases is significant. I certainly was fully vaccinated as a child. For instance, I received the full series of the Salk polio vaccines when that became generally available and then we had “Sabin Oral Sundays” where I received the full doses of that vaccine when it became generally available.

        For those of you who are so rabid in your fear of all things vaccination, I’m very sorry for you and your children. Most of you seem to prefer anecdotal evidence to scientific research, and while it can be very impressive to say “in my family” or “read this blog” or “read the news reports about”, you will NEVER get a balanced presentation of facts from these sources.

        Also, while the pharmaceutical companies in this country make huge profits on newly introduced medications, most of the vaccines in use provide minimal profits to those companies; and in other countries where the vaccination rates are as high or higher than what we have in the USA, their profits are severely limited by the governments of those countries. So, the profit motive is minimal in this area of medication preparation, distribution, and administration.

        Ah well. I know this won’t convince those who distrust vaccines, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that, via my comments on this blog, I’ve done what I can to support Jennifer in her attempts to provide science-based information to the public on this subject.

          Michael Slater March 15, 2014 at 4:46 am

          Troll, and paid mouthpiece.


            If I were a paid mouthpiece of anyone I’d never have had to work the hours I worked in over 40 years as a registered nurse, including my years as an instructor in various schools of nursing. And I’d be wealthy rather than needing to live on my pensions and social security. It’s so very easy to resort to name calling and blaming when one really would rather not research the depth and breadth of information available on a subject, especially when that information does not align with one’s personal beliefs. You have my sympathy, and if ever someone near and dear to you suffers permanent disability or death from a preventable disease, you’ll also have the sympathy for your loss from most of the doctors and nurses who provide the care required.


            I find it hysterical that anti-vaxxers call everything vaccine related as “crowd-think” and do not for one second question or concern themselves with the pot calling the kettle black.

            Reading a pseudoscience blog and opinions and translating them as facts is not educating yourself. Dismissing any and all studies supporting vaccinations as falsified or doctored (no pun intended) is not educating yourself.

            I am fully willing to support no vaccines if and when the evidence is overwhelming in its facts that vaccination has no value.. But as of right now, right this minute? No such luck. We are seeing a resurgence of diseases not reported in years and years.. Specifically the ones that have vaccines.. This alone is its own evidence to support that vaccination has an affect..

            To deny that nearly dormant diseases are suddenly upon us as if nature spontaneously decided without help from any source? It is uneducated at best and purposefully ignorant at worst..

            Why is it so hard to consider that vaccines have a sound purpose and so easy to believe that it’s all some stupid conspiracy theory?


      Mike Adams is not a doctor, nor does he have any formal training. He is an AIDS denialist. He is considered by doctors and scientists to be a spreader of pseudoscience.

        Michael Slater March 15, 2014 at 4:47 am

        Another troll, paid for in blood, the lives of vaccinated children.


          Simple-minded food-worshipping naturopath shill. Why do you spread lies about safe and effective vaccines? How much are they paying you? You whore yourself out like a common prostitute and terrify parents into letting their kids sicken and die from measles and meningitis so you can sell them untested potions and useless homeopathic paste instead. You are a fraud and a liar, and the cost of your lies is incalculable.

          How the hell do you live with yourself?

          (FYI – The “Shill” accusation can always be flung in BOTH directions, shill).


          You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


          How do you spend blood, though? I’m pretty sure my local grocery store doesn’t accept it. Blizzard might, though. My friend has been asking me to get back into WoW.


        And all such article son wikipedia is controlled by the pseudo-sceptics, as report after report has proven. NOT a reliable source for anything controverisal.


      According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no scientific study has found a link between vaccines and autism. Technically correct. Kinda lying by omission. Vaccines can cause encephalitis and encephalitis can cause autism. Ask your cranky baby if he or she knows they had a bout of encephalitis.
      Just look around to see what know it all science is doing to our planet and now our children with vaccines. Think of all the unnecessary hysterectomies, mastectomies, and prostate surgeries.

      Do you get it? The processes of the human body are so complex, so interdependent, that entered drugs and vaccines are time bombs.

      We are chemical beings. The chemicals we need are sorted and distributed from the food we eat and the air we breath. Chemicals, such as aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, put into the body directly have no purpose and are basically left to their own devices.

      I doubt if 1 doctor in a 1000 has vaccinated his child in the past 5 years. A count of doctor’s children that became autistic in the past 5 years would break the vaccine bubble once and for all.

      A very telling aspect of this “controversy” is that the vaccination victims are concerned and polite and the pro vaxers are angry and nasty.

      Remember the origin of the military grade anthrax that was sent to Tom Daschlel?… Take a guess where these childhood disease outbreaks come from.

      People don’t connect the omniscient godlike portrayal of doctors on television with medicine for profit. It’s time they should.


        I am glad to burst your little bubble. My niece, an emergency room physician in a children’s hospital, has most definitely had her child vaccinated within the last 5 years — as he is fully vaccinated and 6 years old. Her sister and brother-in-law — the brother-in-law being also a physician — have had all 3 of their children, the oldest being in kindergarten, fully vaccinated as appropriate for their ages. Every physician I’ve ever, as a nurse, trusted, has had his or her children fully vaccinated. I wouldn’t trust a physician who wouldn’t vaccinate those he/she loves (unless medically contraindicated due to immune disorders or allergies) to provide competent, much less good, care to me or mine. What amazes me is how many parents are willing to risk encephalitis, sterility, blindness, etc. in their children by exposing them to the risks of measles or mumps. And any woman of childbearing age, not known to be immune to rubella (German measles) who might, possibly, under any circumstances be pregnant, would be insane to go out in public and risk exposure to rubella. Especially if contracted within the first 3 months of pregnancy, rubella can cause severe birth defects and developmental delays. Hospitals will not allow a nurse, a student nurse, a physician, a medical student, any person subject to screening by the hospital (that is, anyone other than a patient or visitor) near areas in the hospital where pregnant women congregate for care, classes, or whatever, unless that person has a lab test result on file proving immunity to rubella. Well, an chicken pox (varicella), and measles. They won’t risk inadvertent exposures that can be prevented with this simple measure. If you have a religious objection to vaccinations you can attend public schools, but you can’t work in most hospitals.

        And, PLEASE, before you start another screed about big pharma — big pharma is a big problem in the USA — but a remarkably minor or non-existent problem in most 3rd world countries where there are no profits to be made on vaccines — but where vaccines save countless lives every year.

        If you want popular, medical, nursing, or public health (ie, not written by doctors or nurses but written by persons with advanced degrees in epidemiology and similar sciences) literature references to support what I’ve said, please post a reply here on Jennifer’s blog and I’ll assemble the requested information. Do not expect me to trust the science knowledge of someone who has spent few if any hours at the college and graduate school levels studying that part of science on which he/she is opining. Brilliance in one area of knowledge or in one part of life doesn’t not imply even competence in another, even in a related, area of science or life. And common sense, in science, is only found in people who’ve done a great deal of studying in that science. If you doubt that, try applying your common sense to explaining quantum mechanics and photosynthesis — both, not one or the other, please.


          Americans, us Baby Boomers, did very well without this vaccine madness. I have plenty of common sense. I see the TV ads for a plethera of wonder drugs and their horrific accompanying side effects and I understand vaccines are nothing more than drugs called vaccines.. When you figure out where vaccine residue winds up and tell me which vaccines the Merck Manual Home Health Handbook is referring to that can cause encephalitis you just may get my attention.
          “And common sense, in science, is only found in people who’ve done a great deal of studying in that science.”
          You seemed to have let that boat sail.
          Speaking of horrors did you read about the idiots who wanted to have anthrax vaccine study done on babies? Did you read about the soldiers who were killed/maimed by anthrax vaccine? Or the young women who were killed/maimed by Gardasil?


            Michael, I was born in 1947 — how about you?


            My FB picture is there for all to see. Are you calling shotgun or seniority? Hancock330 what happened to the topic? “Speaking of horrors did you read about the idiots who wanted to have anthrax vaccine study done on babies? Did you read about the soldiers who were killed/maimed by anthrax vaccine? Or the young women who were killed/maimed by Gardasil?”


            “Americans, us Baby Boomers, did very well without this vaccine madness.”

            The ones who survived did! The ones who died aren’t around to talk about it, are they? Fucking dunce.


            Your generation also grew up with tobacco smoke permeating every building and environment in existence, I suppose you “did just fine” with the effects of that, too.


        “I doubt if 1 doctor in a 1000 has vaccinated his child in the past 5 years.”

        I doubt if the handful of brain cells you have to rub together are in any way interconnected. Vaccines work, period. That’s why we don’t see kids with calipers on their legs or skins ravaged by smallpox anymore.

        I’ll bet that you haven’t vaccinated any of your own children, but exposed them to unnecessary and serious risk from totally preventable diseases such as measles and mumps. Diseases that could kill them. However, if they end up as silly and shrill as you, they won’t be a great loss to humanity, and I can’t think of a simpler or more effective way of chlorinating the gene pool.


      On the money syerodriguez. Measles is a rash and a fever. It is not a deadly disease. Nor are the overwhelming majority of diseases on the vaccine “schedule.” If you neglect a sick child or anyone who has a normally mild disease he or she could die.


        Measles most certainly can be a danger disease. Part of your ignorance may stem from how effective vaccination has been in preventing it completely as well as moderating the severity for those who do contract it. Measles can cause the very encephalitis with greater frequency by far than vaccination but you carefully omit that. It can cause blindness, deafness and, yes, death.

        Since I was unfortunate enough to be born too soon for the vaccines, I had all of what were then called the usual childhood diseases. I had measles in first grade and clearly remember how sick I was nearly sixty years later. My fever was very high and they considered hospitalization. Before the rash in the prodrome I was violently nauseated and vomited repeatedly. My little body hurt all over and I was confined to a darkened room for more than a week. And that was a normal case, not an unusually severe one.

        Every time we had a thunderstorm in my hometown most of us worried about the young woman in the house on the hill who depended on an iron lung as a result of polio. A power failure meant she would die if no one could manually crank it. A close friend went through dozens of surgeries for polio damage and in middle age developed post polio syndrome.

        I’ve watched a young cancer patient endure the added pain of whooping cough caught from an unvaccinated relative with “religious” objections to immunization. I’ve been through the misery of shingles because I’ve had now preventable chicken pox. And I’ve t as taken the shingles vaccine in hopes of having it again.

        In truth, I really don’t care what the excuse for your criminally ignorant opposition to vaccine is, what I care about is the truth and the safety and health of all.


      Your Dragon’s Breath, Eye Of Newt, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Goldenseal potion will not save you, bring you peace, or change the disease for which you take it for..

      I love the hypocrisy of “Naturalists”.. You’ll shop at Whole Foods while stopping to put gas in your car.. You’ll push your nose up at medical science while popping Tylenol for your headache after your Lavender oil refuses to work of course..

      You can’t even agree to disagree.. If you want to live your hypocrite lifestyle then I will fight to the death for your RIGHT to do so.. I wish more for you and your families then dying by preventable situations, but if you don’t agree? Then I wish you the best and hope you get it before anything gets you..

      But you WILL NOT do the same.. We have NO RIGHTS as long as we believe that modern medicine might be ok.. Us who believe in giving ourselves what we consider the best chance at safety..

      Of course healthy eating has an affect on you.. We as Americans (particularly low to no income) eat horrible diets. So anything that brings more nutrients is going to have an affect.. That’s not ever in question.. What IS in question is the fact that having proper nutrition may keep you from getting a common cold or some types of flu’s however.. And a BIG however.. There are some diseases which do not care how Crunchy Organic you are.. And those of us who are old enough to have family or experienced the fallout from horrible diseases.. We know why they’re coming back and how they will destroy a large percentage of lives..

      Again.. I get it.. You’re going to cite your conspiracy theory blogs and angry citizen websites to support your claims. You’ll disregard any form of medical science in favor of “Expert Mommies” websites and rhetoric.. And I’m ok with that because it’s your RIGHT to believe your truth as you see fit..

      Can you do the same? Can you fight for OUR RIGHT to disagree with your choices? Can you fight to the death OUR RIGHT to see validity in medical science?


      Holy shit. She already addressed all of your points in the piece. And Jesus Christ God Almighty. You’re telling me it’s all one huge conspiracy? And to read some internet site instead of scientific literature?! Do you understand the kool aid you have drank. This is insanity. The author IS educated, has provided nothing but education to easily and clearly debunk everything you are saying. You simply do not want to accept it.


      Actually, pharmaceutical companies make very little money on vaccines. Drugs like beta blockers and statins are much more profitable, since they tend to be required for life.


      ” I suggest you have a look at some of the articles on by Mike Adams about Vaccines.”
      Yeah, and then I’ll read some equally informative articles from the Discovery Institute about evolution.

      “Doctors are great for emergency surgery, but natural health education, and simply treating your body with respect will keep you more healthy than a vaccine will. Ever notice that most people getting the diseases there are vaccines for, are the ones who’ve taken the vaccines?”

      Would you kindly explain why there is no more smallpox in the world any more? Was it because of people ‘treating their body with respect’? Or was it because of mass immunization programs? And then you go on to say “Unfortunate to see people give up their responsibility for themselves and their health..” What a hypocrite. Those who refuse to be vaccinated but instead like to ‘naturally exercise’ their immune systems are simply freeloading off the herd immunity of the vaccinated majority.

      You’re stupid, but not stupid enough not to spread dangerous falsehoods.

      Owen Glendower April 10, 2014 at 4:40 pm

      “Ever notice that most people getting the diseases there are vaccines for, are the ones who’ve taken the vaccines?”

      You should do some reading yourself. Recent outbreaks of measles and whooping cough are occurring in UNVACCINATED populations. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.


    Some people think they know everything but have never read 1 vaccine insert …etc ! Yet could never handle the truth about vaccine side effects and ineffectiveness…


    If you rant and yell like a crazy person than you deserve to get treated like one.


    The blog was very interesting. There are many diseases that they experience such as colds, bronchiolitis, or croup though these are quieter in that age but very difficult to avoid. Some others in these are ear infections, sinusitis, impetigo which is probably known as Skin infection and conjunctivitis. The best thing that most of us follow to control these diseases in children in early stages is using Vaccines- has been incredibly effective in preventing childhood diseases and improving child mortality rates. These vaccine fights against many diseases in children if provided whenever necessary.


    You sure seem to like the phrase “Peer reviewed”. Lemmings are peers also.


    People who have subject matter expertise don’t usually rely so heavily on buzzwords.


      What’s your point, exactly? First you compare researcher scientists to “lemmings”, now you’re complaining about the tone of this post? I deliberately write in a non-formal voice here because this is a blog, not a scientific journal. Do you know the difference?


        You are a fear mongering hypocrite. You claim objectivity and yet you resort to insulting language. You are a fraud on every level.


          This is an extremely serious issue–people’s health and lives are at stake. And you want to be flippant and resort to ad hominen attacks? You might find this kind of argument style personally satisfying, but I think the issues demand more serious treatment than what you offer. Come back when you are prepared to discuss the research.


            You talk and talk about peer reviews and then make the claim that non-vaccinators are spreading measles. That is not science but dangerous propaganda and moves us closer to a day were vaccinations for non-lethal diseases will be mandatory. If you are indeed a scientist then you should hang your head in shame.


            I do talk about peer review, because that’s the standard of quality control in scientific studies. What standard do you use?

            Non-vaccinators are spreading measles. If you don’t trust peer-reviewed studies on the subject (I’ve included links to many in my post above), what about a few news reports from the last few days?

            Here’s one from CBS:

            And here’s one from ABC:

            What on earth leads you to believe that measles can’t be lethal? Data, please!


            Oh, and you can verify whether or not I’m a scientist from my CV, which shows my education and research output. It’s linked to in the “About me” section. Who are you? What are your qualifications?


            Jennifer Raff you are a purveyor of horse shit. You cannot think critically and can only repeat the phrase peer reviewed study over and over again. Stop taking refuge in your completely corrupted institutions and media outlets. There is no such thing as safe in science. There is cause and effect. If you want immunization for a nonlethal illness you will have to put up with some side effects. Scientists do not speak in absolutes, they present the results that support the hypothesis and the tolerance for error. Do you know what a tolerance is? If you are a scientist, you are the worst scientist I have ever seen. Take down this obscene web siten


            Hey there, Anonymous! We seem to be talking in circles, and you’re not adding anything to this discussion beyond name-calling (which is in express violation of my comments policy). I’ve asked you several times to provide something–anything!–to back up your criticisms, and you’ve been unable to do so. However, I’ll respond to a few of your points:

            1. “Stop taking refuge in your completely corrupted institutions and media outlets.” Do you mean that there’s a conspiracy between every single scientist, physician, and reporter who has written about vaccines? To what end? That’s a bit farfetched, don’t you think? If you’re going to make accusations like that, it would help if you brought along some evidence.

            2. “There’s no such thing as safe in science. There is cause and effect.” Exactly right. Those peer reviewed studies that seem so abhorrent to you are designed to actually measure what causes particular effects (For example: do vaccines cause autism?).

            3. “If you want immunization for a nonlethal illness you will have to put up with some side effects.” It’s true that vaccines cause some side effects in some individuals. You get a pamphlet with each shot that describes what they might be. I’m not sure what your point is here–nobody is arguing that there aren’t some side effects to vaccines. Just that autism isn’t one of them. Usually it’s more like muscle soreness and redness and/or fatigue for a day or two.

            Oh and again, what do you mean by nonlethal illnesses? I’ve asked you this before. You seem to think that measles isn’t lethal, which is tragically false. Do you think that the flu isn’t lethal? Polio? Where are you getting your information?

            4. “Scientists do not speak in absolutes, they present the results that support the hypothesis and the tolerance for error.” Again, correct. And yes, I know what ‘a tolerance’ is. Better than you do, I suspect, based on your descriptions here.

            Since you haven’t brought anything of substance to this conversation despite repeated requests, I’m forced to conclude that you’re just a not-particularly-interesting troll. If you don’t like my website, you’re absolutely welcome to avoid reading it. We’re done here.


            The bodily processes of a human being or any creature are extremely precise. The epitome of flippancy and arrogance is to think bodily processes can manipulated with vaccines 49 times before a child is 6 years old without consequence to the child’s well being. Maybe you can explain that arrogance along with what happens to the vaccine residue.


    autism. The NVICP is clearly on the side of science on that question, and acknowledges that the evidence does not support a link between vaccination and autism. If those plaintiffs could kill the NVICP and get back into normal trial courts, they would a pet shop, dog supplies


    Very nice! dbddkfaceb


    I find it funny that pro vaccine pushers always say that there’s no studies or evidence and that all people against vaccines are uneducated and don’t understand science. Well here a few links from government studies and etc…speaking against vaccines. I can list studies all day.


      Oh so you’ve read all of these? You’ve paid the hundreds of dollars it costs to use PubMed? Every single one of these has no option for full text. How are we supposed to know what any of the findings are? Every study sets out with a particular hypothesis, primary outcomes, and secondary outcomes it would like to see. Then the research either supports it or it doesn’t. Since we can’t read any of these in full text how are we supposed to know what the findings were? For all we know all of these studies negated their hypotheses.


      I believe all of these articles can be found here:

      And that’s all I have to say about that.


    The Pediatricians are actually engaged in total crowd think and confused about the science literature. The peer-reviewed literature shows clearly that early adjuvanted vaccines are dangerous. Numerous animal studies show injecting vaccines or aluminum in vaccine relevant amounts to post-natal mice and rats causes brain damage and autoimmune disease. Numerous epidemiological concur, for example for each 1% increase in vaccine compliance, there are associated 680 additional autism and SLI cases regressed across the 50 states. There are no cogent studies showing early adjuvanted vaccines are safe. I prove all this in a survey article below, where I link and cite dozens of peer reviewed articles, and discuss recent safety surveys. See for yourself.

    You’re not going to check are you? That’s why the Pediatricians are so confused. Each of them thinks there must be support in the literature. Its total Crowd Think. Go a few posts further to find the explanation of the Pediatricians delusions in terms of the Group Psychology Model of Gustav Le Bon (1895).


      I’d be glad to. Please actually cite a journal and not some wackos opinion


        Its not an opinion. Its a demonstration. Its not intended to be relied on because I’m smart, its intended to be understood and relied on because you realize its convincing. Its not in a journal because the pediatricians are in crowd think and refuse to consider the evidence. But it cites, and links, dozens of journal articles that the pediatricians are ignoring that show danger. And points out, there are no, zero, cogent articles in the peer-reviewed literature on the subject of safety of early adjuvanted vaccines. If you think I’m wrong, please cite one.

        How can the pediatricians be rational if there are no articles to base a claim of safety on that cover a clear danger?


          Natphilospopher. If you actually have a demonstration-not a thought, but real experiments with real controls, real measures, real statistics, please submit it to a Journal-I might suggest New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Journal of Immunology, Journal of Infectious Disease, scientists are more receptive to being proved wrong than right. We remember the people who proved someone wrong-Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein. Also remember that great claims require great proof.
          I’ll remind you that most chronic diseases are diseases of age. You don’t develop arthritis at 60 if your dead at 5, ditto, type II diabetes, glaucoma, hypertension, kidney failure or any other chronic disease.
          BTW, I did a quick pubmed search of “adjuvant safety aluminium” and came back with 311 references. I haven’t evaluated all of them but it seems there might be a fair amount of data on the subject. This primarily covers data from the 1980′s forward, I haven’t dug through the stack to find older, perhaps more relevant citations.


            I don’t have any experiments personally, its a survey article. Check it out. I cited and linked more than two dozen peer-reviewed mainstream journal papers showing its dangerous, and cite the safety surveys none of which cite these papers or provide any other papers arguing its safe. There are no papers AFAIK in the peer-reviewed literature that examine early adjuvanted vaccines and don’t conclude they are dangerous.

            In 2002 the National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) convened an expert group to study safety issues with adjuvants in vaccines. Among their conclusions:

            “pervasive uncertainty [from] missing data on pharmocokinetics and toxicities of aluminum injected into humans… There seems to be abundant data concerning risk levels for ingested aluminum, but scant data about risk levels for injected aluminum. The oral minimum risk level, for example, appears to be in the range of 2–60 mg/kg of aluminum per day but there are no comparable data for injected aluminum.”[1]

            Since 2002 there is an extensive literature, and its all bad. For a detailed survey:


            Natphilosopher, am I correct that you did submit this to peer review, and the journal rejected it? (Sorry if I’m mixing you up with someone else–please do let me know if I am). Typically the journal will give you reasons for why it chooses not to send it out for review–would you mind sharing those with us? And why do you choose not to revise it to correct the flaws and resubmit it, as most of us do in response to critiques of our work?


            I submitted it to the Journal of Pediatrics. I posted their rejection letter here:

            “Because of limited space, we are able to accept <20% of submitted manuscripts. In reaching an editorial decision, the Editors considered the priority for publication, the quality of the manuscript, the novelty of the observation, and appropriateness for our readership."

            Ya think a paper that explains why their editorial was wrong in a concise manner, and cites dozens of new mainstream journal articles that show early adjuvanted vaccines are incredibly dangerous, isn't worthy of getting reviewed to see if, maybe, it could be right?

            I think the fix is in, or they are in total crowd think. The fact that they won't consider new evidence shows they are in crowd think. Nobody has ever bothered investigating whether early adjuvanted vaccines were deadly, and they don't want to think about it now.


          I think you should do a pubmed search. A fellow named Stanely L Hem at Purdue has done research on the elimination and dissolution of Al adjuvants. Mostly in model species-rabbits and dogs, because some experiments involved radioactivity. He looked at absorption and elimination in rabbits, along with a bunch of other work, and finds that they are fairly slowly absorbed (~55% in 28 days for Aluminium Phosphate, ~20% for Al(OH)3. There certainly isn’t a bolus effect, additionally, Al has a fairly high volume of distribution, with a high fraction protein bound, so concentrations aren’t what you might think.


            I’ve seen that work. Its discussed if memory serves in Mitkus, which I had reviwed and is now cited. If you look at my survey, you’ll see I cite lots of animal experiments showing brain damage. Slow or fast, there are problems either way.


      Simply because you can find a few dozen articles demonstrating that vaccines may be dangerous does not make them so. Jennifer argues the exact same thing with one key difference: her articles are well-vetted and carried out with numerous subjects in each one. Recently an anti-vaccinist cited a plethora of articles claiming to find dangers in vaccines. However, this article:
      does a pretty good job of tearing those apart.


        (1) there’s normally an expectation that medical interventions will be proven safe, not that they have to be proven dangerous. Can you and I agree that that expectation has not been met in the case of early vaccines? And that, as long as the Pediatricians are ignoring the risks I point out, for example, as long as the dozens of papers I cite, in fact as whole major fields of investigation into vaccine safety such as injections into infant animal models, have not been reviewed by safety panels, as I point out they haven’t been in the cases I’ve seen, and as long as all this evidence hasn’t been included in documents prepared to help patients “Examine the Evidence”, the parents are not being fully informed. Maybe you and I can agree on this.

        (2) I’ve seen that angryautie list. My first reaction to it was, he listed 72 papers that arguably show dangers with vaccines, and zero that arguably show early adjuvanted vaccines are safe. He has given arguements against these papers that might show some of them don’t apply. One still has to worry that his arguments might be wrong, or partial, and that the weight of this list is still rather negative for vaccine safety. It certainly isn’t a net positive. And keep in mind that its a clear logical fallacy to say: because we have 100 papers showing MMR doesn’t cause autism, that means vaccines are safe. You have to deal with all the risks.

        (3) The one article of Jennifer I’ve looked at, as I pointed out in comments, her arguments on aluminum were specious. She hasn’t answered my comment on this nor modified the article, which stands as making the false assertion that infants get more aluminum from breast milk than from vaccines. In fact, when you take into account the fact the dietary system flushes 99.75% or so of dietary aluminum, they get hundreds of times more from vaccines. That wasn’t the only error I could point out there. I think her posts state lots of things that when examined turn out to be unjustified and wrong. If you can find any such in my paper, and provide citation or cogent argument, I will thank you for pointing it out and modify the paper. And its worth pointing out as well, that sources you might regard as authoritative, such as the Children’s hospital of Pennsylvania, seem to make some of the same errors. I’m interested in reaching truth, not in appealing to people or institutions regarded as expert.

        (4) Most important. I’m not just counting citations. There is a clear and consistent set of ideas. Animal studies indicate early injections of antigens are dangerous, presumably because of critical periods of brain and immune system development. They also indicate early injections of aluminum are toxic. There is also an understanding of why that might be, and how they would interact with antigens to increase danger. Human clinical data, on ASIA and narcolepsy from vaccine, for example, confirms some of these risks. Epidemiological studies confirm the risks, I would argue you see exactly what you might expect from the animal studies. Third world studies, the confounding factors seem to strongly favor vaccines, confirm these risks. And I’m unable to find any cogent evidence in the literature for the safety of early or adjuvanted vaccines. If you know of any, please point it out, preferably in the comment page at
        Just to emphasize this point: its not a priori surprising to me that injecting 100′s of times as much aluminum ( a known neurotoxin) into babies as they get from breast milk, precisely because it inflames the immune system and gets it to produce antibodies that it would normally be too immature to produce, and injecting antigens stimulating immune responses to some of the deadliest diseases in human evolutionary history, many times several at once as would be very unlikely to happen in nature, and doing all this dozens times in the first year of life, starting often at day 1, during which period the brain and immune system are going through a very delicate and complex development process;
        well is it surprising to you this might be dangerous? Don’t you think there should be some actual safety studies showing its safe before you decide it is?


      I grew up in a country where vaccines for MMR and other childhood illnesses such as polio and whooping cough are compulsory by law, and unlike the state of California, no religious belief will get you exempt unless you have an allergy or auto immune disease that makes vaccination medically impossible.
      I am not, and do not claim to be a doctor. I am an engineer and scientist but medical science and biology are, for the most part, gibberish to me. I will say two things though:
      1. In Belgium (where I grew up) there is no higher instance of autism in children than any other European country, or at least not outside of the usual standard deviation from the mean

      2. The instances of child birth have radically reduced in all of the ‘developed west’ since mass immunization has been in place. This is fact and not debatable by any means. It’s just a case of: birth-death = still alive; death/birth% = child mortality rate, end of. Now nobody claiming any form of scientific training would ever argue that this is 100% attributable to vaccinations, just that we can correlate reduction in infection rates to increase in vaccination. Of course, healthier (though as you seem to be based in the US I would argue that in the area you live in this is largely a debatable fact and healthy living seems to have taken a hike along with common sense…) living, better sanitation and better medical knowledge and medication for the illnesses mentioned play their part.

      Now I do have some hope in the human cause and therefore believe that ‘total crowd think’ (apart from being appalling grammar) would be incapable of affecting every single paediatrician in every single country in the world ergo the amount of diverse and widespread support of vaccination is in itself an indication that it must be born out of some degree of truth. Also you may wish to reference data that has some clout to equate the level of clout offered up by the good doctor who authored this post.
      As a footnote you may also wish to update the psychology you site as our dear friend Gustav Le Bon having lived in 1895 will not have looked upon a globalist world the way we do now.

      This is in essence just my two cents and, should you find you disagree, I would gladly look at you argument provided it is structured in such a way as to offer up a coherent and analytical argument. Not just some hysterical indignation please. But I think you may find such an argument hard to mount as have your peers. I shall not refuse you the right to say and indeed believe whatever you wish but I would respectfully request that you allow the rest of us the same right even though we may wish to respectfully disagree with your point of view.


        I checked the vaccine schedule in Belgium and it claims the only mandatory vaccine is IPV, so perhaps your recollection is mistaken. They also don’t give Hep B in the first few months, as is done here.

        Its easy for the Pediatricians to be in crowd think. They don’t as a general rule survey the scientific literature, and the surveys that have been done, as my post documents, have simply not included almost all the evidence baring on the subject of safety of early adjuvanted vaccines. So whatever your biases, Le Bon is clearly right. I’ve basically given a proof in this case. And as I outlined somewhat, there is a fair amount of understanding, for example from more recent psychological experiments, about why Le Bon is right about the psychology of human crowds.


    Lets talk about some of the reasons Autism diagnoses are considered on the rise, shall we?

    I have seen in both my professional and personal life, that autistic ‘features’ occur in children who are neglected and abused. And it makes sense, really. If you think about it. If you are neglecting your child to the point of not teaching them ANYTHING, then you are going to see classic signs of ‘autism’ (biting, hitting, head banging, non verbal, poor social skills/interactions.) I have seen first hand with my niece and my nephew, who are both my sisters children, be a prime example of what I am saying here. My sister severely neglected them. She was to busy for them, had her own life to worry about. Never taught them to walk, to talk, colors, numbers, abc’s…nothing. She fed them, but she fed them junk. Literally. She kept them up all hours of the night to run the roads to do things with her friends so their sleep schedules were disturbed (just like a child with autism.) On the surface, when they went in for WCC, she played the loving dotting mother concerned that something was wrong with her childrens development. And the doctors agreed. Of her 6 children, two were diagnosed with autism. She lost custody of all 6 of her children. My nephew is 12 now, and my niece is 8. Since being placed in supportive adoptive they have both had these dx removed from their medical history. When placed in a good home, they have both fully caught up with her peers and are fully developed children. 3 of her 4 other children have varying degrees of spectrum diagnoses. Her oldest, who is 14, was raised by myself and has never been diagnosed with anything. Though their diagnoses have since been reversed, I am telling you this because -THEY- are part of that number. These two children are part of the statistic that makes up the 1 in 32 children. And they are not alone. I do in home support for children and adolescents diagnosed somewhere on the spectrum. Often times I come across a parent of a young child that I can tell is just in a bad situation. That is not having its developmental needs met. We, as parents, CAN developmentally stunt our children. And it’s happening on a REGULAR basis now. Think of the many many accounts of abuse being reported in the news; kids are at risk in their own families for being neglected. And it is more common now then ever since we have young parents who don’t know how to parent, we have parents who either don’t want to parent or just think they are more important then their children. So what am I saying here? I am saying that Autism and similar spectrum diagnosis -are- being misdiagnosed at times. Which accounts for an increased rate of occurrence.

    Lets also talk about the fact that Autism and similar Spectrum diagnoses are not made until age 3-4. Even if you see subtle indications early on that your child is not developmentally on task, even if you have concerns at say…a year old. It still isn’t diagnosed until 3-4 years old. Which is when? At the tall end of the mass dosing of vaccinations. The two happen to coincide. That does not equal causation. It equals potential coincidence. I have seen younger babes in my observations through work that show subtle signs as early as a year old, so you know something isn’t quite right, you can predict that perhaps they will be on the spectrum later. Not because of vaccinations that they haven’t even had yet, at a year old, but because of natural causes. But at 4 years old, during the WCC their pediatrician finally says, ok somethines not right here. And so people point their finger at the vaccinations; an easy target to place blame. Which, btw, placing blame isn’t necessary or helpful. (Unless you are one of the above families I referenced, that are developmentally stunting your child.)

    And finally. I will say this. And I do not care -what- backlash of response it gets.

    How heartless of anyone, as a parent, to say “I would rather my child die from a preventable disease, then risk them developing autism.” And that is exactly what you are saying when you choose to listen to unsupported (or even supported for that matter, I don’t care WHY you believe it) evidence that Autism is caused by vaccines, so you say to yourself “I will not vaccinate my children against the barrage of diseases that they will encounter in their life, and that might kill them, in order to avoid that risk.” That is selfish of you; because let me tell you, these diseases are dangerous, they are deadly (especially pertussis in newborns/infants,) they are occurring much more frequently now, then ever before, because people are refusing to vaccinate, and they DO kill.


    Dear Big Pharma: I told people vaccines cause autism and that consuming Pop-Rocks and cola at the same time will cause stomachs to rupture. As our agreement was to pay based on nonsense Americans will believe, I request 50% of our agreed price. Respectfully, Agent 666


    Reblogged this on visiblycynical and commented:
    Vaccination: Part Four


    Keep up the good work!! I can’t even bring myself to read through all of these anti-vac comments, they just make me sick. I’m so thankful someone is taking time to thoughtfully and respectfully respond with actual data!
    Thanks for fighting the good fight!


    I retain listening to distinct news speak about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for genuine greatest AUTO


    But Dr. Jenny McCarthy (who does e-cigarette commercials, by the way) needs a reason her son is autistic. The numbers of autistic children is higher now because we now define autism differently than we used to. And the OVERWHELMING number of people considered “autistic” are highly functional, not like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. The fact is that if you grew up in the 60s or 70s, the weird kid is now the autistic kid. And we are so scare of our kids being weird that we freak out and need a diagnosis. Vaccines aren’t perfect, but overall they work. I work in medical research and I get annoyed at “I got the flu shot and then I got sick”. No, you might have gotten a slight fever and felt run down for a day – because the vaccine is making your immune system scramble as it figures things out – so you get tired for a day, not that uncommon. But here’s the thing………even if these vaccines DID cause autism…(they don’t), but even if they did, you are still better off vaccinating your children.


    Vaccinate your kids people. If you love them and want to protect them from harmful disease, get them vaccinated.


    It started out with the MMR vaccination and now it seems for some, all or any vaccines are suspected to cause ASD. Which is kind of weird, innit?

    Smallpox has had very little mention here. Smallpox wasn’t wiped out because people washed their hands. Smallpox wasn’t the sort of illness you could take medicine to cure it. If you survived it you were severely pock-marked. No, smallpox died out because the majority of the world was vaccinated. The same could happen to polio but I’m not holding my breath because of the numbers who don’t believe the evidence.

    It seems that for some people (usually called conspiracy theorists) the facts don’t exist and their opinions are all that matter. Well you are entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong it is. If you don’t want a vaccination and do want to put your children (and others) at risk, well up to you (if you live in a country where it’s not compulsory). What you cannot do is say you are right, and the majority of the world’s scientists are wrong. Same goes for climate change.

    “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson.


    These anti-vaxxers just APPALL me. They know nothing about how terrible these diseases truly were and still are, when they happen. I am only 47, and I can still remember reading about & seeing pictures of polio victims in iron lungs as a kid, and being absolutely terrified by it. And that was in books for children! That’s how common polio victims still were even in the early 70s.
    My grandmother was born in 1909, my father in 1926, mom in 1929, aunt in 1935, and sister in 1945. My family was close, and I can remember them all talking about life in an earlier era, before vaccines and even antibiotics. I remember hearing many tales of people dying from “blood poisoning” (sepsis) & “lockjaw” (tetanus); and people who had died, suffered terribly, and/or were crippled by diseases that are easily preventable with a simple vaccine these days. These diseases were not ‘minor’ by any means, nor were they ‘on their way out’ like so many here seem to think. They were common and greatly feared by all, especially those with children.
    My older sister was born mentally retarded because my mother had Rubella (“German Measles”) when she was pregnant with her. She is a sweet, childlike elderly woman now, living with my husband & I since out parents have now passed. I have loved her all my life, but sometimes I am saddened, and wonder what she could have become if she had not been robbed of her potential by an ugly, and currently preventable, disease. Do anti-vaxxers think of things like that? That their refusal to vaccinate may result in harm not only to their living children, but to those growing in their womb? Or even worse, that they spread diseases to other innocent pregnant women and their children? My sister is high functioning & can take care of some of her needs, which is not usually the case with children struck by rubella in utero- the results are usually far worse, including miscarriage & stillbirth. Do you REALLY want to be responsible for killing or deforming your own or someone else’s unborn child because you fell for a hoax promoted by an unscrupulous doctor & a B-grade actress?
    And do you really think that autism would be a worse fate for your child than severe mental retardation? I know many wonderful autistic children and their loving, caring parents. I helped raise my autistic niece, who, at 18, is a beautiful, smart, studious young woman who graduated early and started college at 17. There were struggles of course, but they were nothing compared to what my mom told me about raising a mentally retarded baby. My niece will be able to have a full life with college, a career, marriage & children if she so desires. My sister never had that chance, and never will. Could I go back in time with a rubella vaccine and prevent my mother from having it, I would do it in a heartbeat, even if she was GUARANTEED to be autistic instead.
    I suggest anti-vaxxers start talking to people they know who were around before vaccines were, and learn what it was REALLY like, how horrible & feared they were before they decide not to vaccinate their kids.
    And before someone comes yelling that my niece is autistic because she had vaccines, well….her father (my brother) is a long term alcoholic & drug addict, who had testicular cancer of a type that is associated with smoking PCP & the chemical soup it is usually mixed with. What about the meningitis she had as a newborn? Or even the possibility that her father has undiagnosed ASD and passed it along? Any of those could be the reason
    As for me, well, I have had pretty bad lifelong asthma, and if I did not get my flu shot every year, I would probably be dead by now. The one year that I didn’t get it, I came down with flu that turned into pneumonia within days. I could not believe how sick I was, and my case was called “mild”. For over four years after that, I suffered one serious long term respiratory infection after another, I was bedridden for weeks at a time. All because the guys at my husbands work refuse to get vaccinated. I’m sure they were well in a fortnight. I suffered for years. I will NEVER miss a flu shot again. I am also vaccinated for pneumonia and pertussis, per my doctor, due to the high risk of complications or death, should I contract either.
    The same flu that knocked me down so hard was also, albeit indirectly, was responsible for the death of my elderly mother.
    THIS is the reality for what happens when people don’t vaccinate their kids, or themselves.


    I do not look forward to the day, when a visit to the United States calls for a regiment of vaccinations. All because of idiocy and the spreading of false knowledge by laymen.

    It does not create evidence, just by stating there is EVIDENCE.
    One persons experiences does not provide usable evidence and should not be the basis for conclusions for anyone.

    I hope you figure this out before USA falls into being a red flagged country.

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