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Another day, another anti-vaccine paper retracted

  I haven’t written here about the CDC “whistleblower” issue, because I was in Shanghai when the story broke with both limited internet access and limited desire to take time away from adventures to write. Orac did an excellent job of staying on top of the story, and I refer the interested reader to his … Continue reading

The Discovery Institute challenged me. Here’s my response.

Casey Luskin, a blogger for the Discovery Institute, recently took issue with my proposal that when reading a scientific paper, one should check the institutional affiliation and credentials of its authors. I believe the part that he particularly objected to was my statement that one might not wish to use the Discovery Institute as a … Continue reading

Cutting off our nose to spite our face: Scientific funding in the age of sequestration

My friend Alexander Nakhnikian has been thinking and writing a lot about American politics and science. He kindly agreed to share his thoughts here on the impact of the sequester on American research. –Jennifer Science is important. Really, really important. Most Americans agree about this. Unfortunately, we don’t always act as though scientific progress is … Continue reading

Doing archaeology with DNA

Imagine you’re an archaeologist. (I know you wanted to be one when you were younger, so let’s pretend you never got sidetracked) You’re digging at a cool site somewhere and you find two completely different types of pottery*. The older type is black with a swirly design and was the only pottery used at this … Continue reading

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