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“Scientists should tithe ten percent of their time on public education…” –Carl Sagan

“Scientists should tithe ten percent of their time on public education…” –Carl Sagan

Badass women of science: Hypatia of Alexandria

Note: Since the publication of this piece, I’ve been informed by multiple sources that Sagan’s description of Hypatia was inaccurate, and there are several other factual errors in this piece. Until I have corrected them, I refer you to the criticisms in the comments section, and suggest that you read this post with these cautions … Continue reading

On astrology

I was reading an insipid article this morning, and became curious as to how many people actually find astrology meaningful. The easiest metric at 7 am on a Saturday morning is (naturally) Twitter, so I checked out the account of an astrology author, Terry Nazon: 73,266 followers. Ms. Nazon seems to be trying to emphasize … Continue reading

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